Key Milestones

Our Logo

We are taking the opportunity to change our name and logo to evolve our company in order to be better communicate the breadth of expertise that Sentinel truly represents and realign with our refined value proposition and vision.

The new logo is inspired by the traditional tents of nomadic Arabian tribes made from organic materials that had to be multi-purpose and flexible to adapt to the desert climate. Like the tents, Sentinel Insurance Brokers is tough yet nimble with all the positive attributes of the tents, in the provision of the most effective risk management and insurance solutions to our clients.

The colour BLUE associated with trust, intelligence and responsibility. The shaded dark blue signifies depth and power. It’s the go-to colour for trusted corporate institutions.

The colour GREY is for professionalism and dependability, it denotes a serious corporate brand with authority and stability. Combine it with blue for the ultimate in dependability.